How to Fix “Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage”

There are many Internet Explorer users who report about the error-  Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. While they try to open a site IE. The error actually halts the Internet Explorer from displaying any sites. Here are methods that will help you fix the error.

Reset your Internet Explorer

It will reset the settings and custom options present in Internet Explorer. The bookmarks won’t be deleted.

While holding the Windows Key press R. In Run Dialog simply type– inetcpl.cpl and then  Click – OK.

Click on  the tab –Advanced.

 Click on-  Reset button.

 Put a check besides – Delete Personal Settings and then click- Reset. This will reset the Internet Explorer to its default settings.

After Internet Explorer is set to default settings, just open it again to test it.

internet explorer display

Verify – Proxy Settings

Invalid proxy settings can let internet explorer to divert from correct path leading this error. In order to verify proxy settings just close your Internet Explorer.

Hold Windows Key and then Press R. In Run Dialog, type – inetcpl.cpl and next, Click – OK.

Head to – Connections tab. From connection tab, click the button –LAN settings

Ensure that the option – Automatically detect settings is checked and other 2 checkboxes are un-checked.

Click – OK and next you need to close the open windows. Next, – Restart Internet Explorer.

Check IP Address

IP Address sometimes conflicts and the wrong settings can limit your access to browsing  Internet, which in turn can activate the error -“cannot display webpage” error.  To resolve the error here is what you can do.

Hold Windows Key and then press R. In run dialog simply type in – ncpa.cpl and

Click – OK.

Right click – Local Area Connection (if using wired Connection) or right click – Wireless Network Connection (if using  Wi-Fi).

Click – Properties from the drop down menu.

Double click – Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

 Select – Obtain an IP address automatically

Select – Obtain DNS server address automatically.

 Click OK–OK and then close all open windows.

Restart the  system.

In case the error still occurs then you can try the next solution.

Reboot Router or Modem

Sometimes the router may not establish a proper connection with the ISP. In case other devices that you are using like smart phone etc are also connected to internet via the same  router  then you can reboot the router. You can do this by following the steps

Turn off the router and then unplug it from your power adapter.

Post 30 seconds, plug the adapter again into the router and then turn it ON .

Now check if the error has vanished

Reset Windows Socket TCP/IP Stack

You can try to reset the Windows socket to check if the error is solved.

Here is how to reset it

Press –Windows key and then type cmd,

Now,  right click cmd and select – Run as administrator. 

In black command prompt window, type  the commands shown below and hit enter after every command.

To apply the changes reboot the system.

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