How to change browser settings windows 10?

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The best way to set your default browser in Windows 10 is to do it when you install the browser for the first time. The other way of doing it is also through to browser’s settings. You can go to browser’s settings and set the selections as yes in Firefox.

Just in case you are looking for some other option do change your default browser, then you can easily set your system wide default for the Web browser or other apps too straight in Windows. You can just follow the steps mentioned below to check you are using the app of your choice

Navigate to the Settings app

Here you can view a set of options.  The easier method is to go to the Action center and then choose – “All settings.”

In case you are using a touch screen device, just swipe in from right. In case you have access to keyboard and mouse then , click the icon -Action center icon located towards bottom right on your taskbar or you can also press – Windows Key + A to reach there.

browser settings

Go to the System, and next to default apps

On the top left you will find the option – System

Click/tap it

Here you will find some more settings.

The section for default apps is located down at the bottom of column towards left.

Scroll down to reach Web browser and select your preferred browser

You can see Web browser down towards the bottom of the list. Just click it, and you can easily select the web browser of your choice from the browsers installed by you.

That’s it. It’s done. This way you can set your preferred web browser as the default browser.

In case you wish to modify the other default apps too, you can do it from here. You can just select the default apps for a specific file types or protocols. If you want to modify the rest of your default apps, you can do that here too.

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